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CSCA welcomes applications to its 2nd annual Summer School

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Applications to our 2nd annual Summer School are now open!

CSCA is thrilled to announce that applications for its second annual Summer School are now open. The Summer School is designed for practitioners interested in learning from and integrating principles of traditional and classical architecture. We invite applications from candidates from all around the world, from university-level students and early career professionals (graduating within the past 5 years) of any nationality or background.

This year’s Summer School takes a new direction in how we teach the studio course. The first week is spent at the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site, Engelsberg Iron Works outside Stockholm, Sweden. Built in 1681, Engelsberg was later developed in the eighteenth century into one of the world’s most modern ironworks. The first week, integral to the whole five-week programme, offers participants an intensive and immersive experience for improving their skills in hand draughtsmanship. Students have the privilege of staying on Engelsberg’s inspiring grounds to learn the techniques and methods of traditional architectural drawing from artists and expert draughtsmen and to attend a series of lectures on the history and theory of classical architecture.

The following four weeks are spent in Cambridge between Downing College–the University of Cambridge’s ‘Enlightenment College–and the Faculty of Architecture and History of Art. For four weeks, students form part of the intellectual and design community of the university and learn from Cambridge’s community of scholars and practitioners.

In addition to implementing new strategies in teaching hand draughtsmanship in 2023, the Summer School’s architectural history seminars will be supplemented with a special lecture series in connection with the 2023 Tercentenary Celebrations of the death of Sir Christopher Wren.

Interested applicants can find further details for this year’s programme on the Summer School’s home page

For any questions related to the application process, directions on applying can also be found on the application, which can be found here.

Engelsberg Ironworks