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Historian and Archaeologist Richard Miles Joins CSCA as Visiting Professor

Historian and Archaeologist Richard Miles Joins the CSCA


The CSCA is delighted to announce the addition of Professor Richard Miles as a visiting professor, further enriching our academic landscape. With a distinguished career in archaeology, history, and cultural heritage, Professor Miles brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Centre. Professor Miles has directed excavations in Carthage and Rome and is the author of several books on the ancient world including Carthage Must Be Destroyed (Penguin, 2011) and Ancient Worlds: The Search for Western Civilisation (Penguin, 2011). He also co-authored Vandals (The Peoples of Europe) with Andrew Merrills (Wiley-Blackwell, 2014) and edited The Donatist Schism: Controversy and Contexts (Liverpool University Press, 2016) a collection of papers examining the Donatist Controversy by specialists in the religious, cultural, social, legal and political history and archaeology. Richard has additionally written and hosted a number of television documentaries including ‘Carthage, the Roman Holocaust’ (ABC), ‘Ancient Worlds’ (BBC) and ‘Archaeology: a Secret History’ (SBS).

As a visiting professor at CSCA, Professor Miles is expected to engage students at the University of Cambridge by offering lectures, seminars, and collaborative projects. His multidisciplinary approach, combining archaeology with a keen understanding of cultural contexts, promises to inspire and cultivate a new generation of scholars. The CSCA community eagerly anticipates the exchange of ideas and the intellectual vigour that Professor Miles will undoubtedly bring to the institution.