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Dr Nir Buras to speak on Classic Planning


Dr Nir Buras of the Classic Planning Institute to speak on ‘Classic Planning: How we built cities before planning ruined them’

A recognised architect and urban design professional, Dr Nir Buras, is one of the leaders of the classic planning movement. He is among a handful of architects and planners with the knowledge and experience in the classical field to do civic-scale work. A long-time architecture teacher and lecturer, Buras is a central figure in the worldwide traditional architecture and planning community. Buras’s The Art of Classic Planning: Building Beautiful and Enduring Communities (Harvard University Press, 2020), has been called ‘A Planning Bible’ (Hillel Schocken) and ‘The Mother of All Planning Books’ (Leon Krier).

Dr Buras established the Classic Planning Institute in Washington, DC (USA), a traditional architecture and urban design consultancy. The Institute is an academy of traditional architecture and classic urban planning and a community of practice. The Classic Planning Institute also has a lab that focuses on studies of the Science of Beauty and a library for fostering classical knowledge.

The Classic Planning Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organisation, based in Washington D.C. It is the premier institution in the new traditional architecture scene for education, research, networking, consulting, and publication. Future faced, the CPI collaborates with new traditional architecture allies to strengthen the exchange of ideas, advocate for the cause, and provide goods and services for the community as a whole. Led by Dr Nir Buras, the CPI stewards the knowledge bases of the classical method for the built environment as described in part in The Art of Classic Planning through teaching, research, and application to the highest level of practice, education, and scientific rigour. The CPI motto is, ‘How can we help?’

The CPI has 5 Divisions:
•    The Classic Planning Studio is a leading neuroscience-based architecture and urban design consultancy.
•    The Classic Planning Academy trains in traditional architecture and classic urban planning.
•    The Classic Planning Stoa hosts international conferences and other events for the community.
•    The Classic Planning Laboratory studies the Science of Beauty, Holistic Transit, and other topics.
•    The Classic Planning Library curates classical knowledge.

Dr Nir Buras will speak on this subject in his seminar titled Classic Planning: How we built cities before planning ruined them’ on Monday 16 October at Queens’ College, Cambridge from 18:00-19:00 – hosted by the CSCA. This event is open to the public and free to attend. An informal reception will be offered following the seminar.